Redwood Discovery Museum hosts weekly drop off night for parents


The Redwood Discovery Museum in Eureka is hosting its weekly drop off night for parents, and it’s open to kids ages four to twelve. 

“We’ve been doing Friday nights at the museum for about a year and a half, and it really started to pick up, about a year ago. And so we’re really excited to continue to see that momentum and be able to serve the community with it”, says Stephanie Carter, executive director.

It’s hard to say who has a better time, the kids or the parents.

“We’ve actually had a few kids come in and their families and said, we’ve never heard of the museum before. I’ve never been here before. We’re going to try out this drop off program to see how the kids like it. And they always end up having a great time. They come back, they do more Friday nights, they do other programs, they get a membership and they just are really able to start utilizing the museum”, Carter says. 

The museum regularly switches up their exhibits, and there’s something for kids of all ages. 

“We have some of the age groups that come through here. We try to cater to each one with different exhibits, and they all kind of cater to the same ones based on their age group. So it’s really fun to see that, it’s really fun to see the same kids come in year after year, and to watch them kind of progress from one exhibit to another as their minds expand”, she says. 

Admission is just $17 for members and $20 for non members. And no need to worry about dinner, because Pizza is included with admission. 

You can find more information at

Story by Tucker Caraway