The Kiwanis Club of Henderson Center honored three local women in business


The Kiwanis Club of Henderson Center hosted their annual Women in Business Luncheon event where they recognized three women who have dedicated their businesses to helping the community.

“We were on a three-year hiatus due to COVID now we’re back in and you know like I said, this is our seventh one,” said Terry Kemp, the president of Kiwanis Club. “So women supporting women and Kiwanis is based on kids and serving the community and it’s so great to have great women leaders that can in turn show young girls in the community what it takes to be successful.”

There were three women being recognized at this year’s event. Kim Class, the executive director of Companion Animal Foundation and Sequoia Humane Society was given the Woman of Distinction award. 

“I’ve devoted my entire life to not only the betterment of animals but also working really closely with people because it’s people that are the guardians of animals and I love both so much,” Class said. “I love people, I love animals and it feels great for people to be considering animals with an award like this.”

The second honoree was Dianne Keating, the CEO of Hospice of Humboldt. Keating was awarded the non-profit Businesswoman of the Year.

“Our team at Hospice of Humboldt is all made up of women so, we’re really proud of our leadership team,” Keating said. “And being in that room, like you said, of all those people being born and raised in Humboldt County, I knew so many of them and so many of them were friends, which made it even more special for me.”

The Business Woman of the Year was awarded to Jessica Rebholtz, the owner of the Parent’s Nutrition Center–a WIC-focused grocery store. 

“It’s amazing and I hope that I can inspire the next entrepreneur woman,” said Rebholtz. “The woman that’s at that cusp of like, do I do it? Do I go out on my own? It’s like, yes, do it. If I did it, anybody can do it.”

This event was sold out. The Women in Business Luncheon finished with a silent auction where proceeds go toward the club’s mission of improving the world one child and one community at a time.