No Trick: Free Flu Shots on Halloween

Free walk-in clinic October 31.


REDWOOD NEWS With me today is Heather Kelly, manager of business operations at Redwood Memorial Hospital, Providence Family Practice and Family Nurse practitioner from Providence, Andy Billings. Welcome, you guys. Thank you.

REDWOOD NEWS Heather, it’s important for us to know there’s a shortage of primary care providers in our area, But with the flu season coming up, Providence Family Practice is hosting a free walk in clinic for the folks in the Eel River Valley. Can you tell me about that?

HEATHER KELLEY Of course, as you mentioned, we have a shortage of primary care physicians here in Humboldt County in order to still serve our community. During that time, we would like to offer some preventative care. So we will be hosting a free walk in flu vaccine clinic on October 31st, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. open to the community of anybody. Six years and above.

REDWOOD NEWS This event is important to Providence.

HEATHER KELLEY Yes, Offering this free flu clinic is an extension of our mission to ensure that the community has access to affordable health care.

REDWOOD NEWS Andy, as a family nurse practitioner explained how important it is for us to get our flu shots.

ANDY BILLINGS Flu shots are very important. It both from an individual perspective and also from a health system perspective. For us being behind the Redwood Curtain, our resources can sometimes feel a little finite. With this, from an individual perspective, the flu vaccine gives your immune system kind of a heads up to what it may encounter in the upcoming flu season. That way, if you do encounter the flu, your symptoms are significantly reduced. Then it’s with that is it? You’re not having severe symptoms. So you may not have to be going to hospital. And then if we have less people coming to hospital, those limited resources are freed up to help the community as a whole in areas that it may need to be deployed.

REDWOOD NEWS Heather, you’re making this event fun for everyone. Tell us how.

HEATHER KELLEY Yes. So our health care team really works hard, but we also like to have fun. So what better day to host this free flu clinic than on Halloween?

REDWOOD NEWS Don’t tell me you’re dressing up.

HEATHER KELLEY Oh, we’re definitely dressing up. We will all be minions.

REDWOOD NEWS Like the whole crew.

HEATHER KELLEY The whole crew will be minions. So come and get your flu vaccine from a minion and pick up some treats.

REDWOOD NEWS Heather Kelly and Andy Billings from Providence Family Practice in Fortuna. Thanks for joining me today.

HEATHER KELLEY Thank you for having us. It’s our pleasure.