Veterans Day celebration in Eureka started at the cemetery and continued at the Adorni Center


This Veterans Day people celebrated by gathering at the Myrtle Grove Memorial Cemetery and a continued program at the Adorni Center. 

The intimate gathering at the cemetery honored 245 veterans.

“Here we are at the Myrtle Grove Cemetery, where there’s a lot of reminders of those who’ve created history in this area,” Raymond Hillman, a historian said.

The veterans who lay in Myrtle Grove Cemetery are from five different war and peacetime periods. This morning, people also recognized veterans who had no headstones.

The names of the 23 new headstones for veterans who previously did not have one. | Photo by Karina Ramos Villalobos

“23 veterans who previously had no headstone, not a military or civilian headstone and through the efforts of another volunteer, we’ve been able to obtain headstones for those 23 veterans,” said Milt Phegley, a volunteer at the cemetery. “[This was] supplied by the Veterans Administration.”

This cemetery was established in 1861 and has over 6,000 Humboldt County buried members. 

“Every one of these veterans, no matter where they came from–Humboldt County originally, or they came here as many Civil War veterans did after the Civil War, each and every one of them has a story,” Phegley said. “And a life, a life to be acknowledged and commemorated.” 

This gathering was only the start of this year’s Veterans Day. People continued to honor those who have served at the Adorni Center. This Veterans Day program included Eureka High School’s symphonic band, Humboldt Harmonaires, a presentation of the flag and armed services, and keynote speakers.

Clips of different parts of the Veterans Day celebration at the Adorni Center. | Video by Karina Ramos Villalobos

“Veterans Day is a holiday,” said Scott Powers, U.S. Coast Guard Commander. “A day where we honor and appreciate all American veterans, not just those of World War One, but all the men and women who have worn the uniform and served in the United States armed forces. It is our way of saying thank you to those who put their lives on the line, to defend our freedoms and protect our nation.”

Video clips of different speakers at the Adorni Center for Veterans Day. | Video by Karina Ramos Villalobos