People gathered to boycott Black Friday deals and stand in solidarity with Palestine


While people participated in Black Friday deals, others gathered outside of the Bayshore Mall to boycott the profits and raise awareness of the violence between Israel and Palestine.

“We have Jewish people organizing with us. We have Christians, we have non-denominational people, atheists, we have conservatives, we have liberals, we have people that do not align themselves with the political spectrum at all,” said Kwame Achebe, a participant. “But on the topic of the divisive rhetoric, the media is trying to put out that we are anti-semitic. It is certainly not true. We are standing up for anybody who was a victim of oppression.”

Dozens gathered early Friday morning to boycott Black Friday and show their solidarity with Palestine. | Photo by Karina Ramos Villalobos

The community collective, Humboldt for Palestine, began this demonstration early this morning on the sidewalks of the Bayshore Mall between the traffic lights. 

“We’re here primarily to boycott, you know, the consumerism that happens on Black Friday,” Karely, another participant said. “Because a lot of those large corporations are directly funding the genocide of Palestinians.”

Many were there to show their solidarity with the ongoing efforts for liberation around the world, “We got folks who are trying to make themselves visible and make our needs known,” said Sarai Bordeaux, a participant in the demonstration. 

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