As the winter approaches, now is the time to prevent catching RSV, the flu, or COVID


With the cold winter approaching, right now, is the time to do as much possible to prevent catching respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the flu or covid.

“We prepare this year as we have in previous years for RSV,” said Benjamin Wartburg, the Clinical Nurse Specialist. “But this year we’ve had one case of RSV in this past week along with one case of flu. But we’ve had, you know, higher incidents of covid this year.”

So far there have been few reports of RSV and the flu, locally. However, the cold season is just beginning. Health experts say that prevention helps to lower the chance of getting sick. 

“We focus a lot on what we call standard precautions but washing your hands, being aware if you feeling [sick] masking is still appropriate for all of these viruses,” Wartburg said. “Especially if you have loved ones that are at higher risk or young children during the season and we also encourage vaccinations.”

It’s as simple as washing your hands, not sharing food or drinks with others, and eating healthy food to keep a healthy system. Masking up is also an option to prevent catching an illness.

“We would like to keep our incidents down,” Wartburg said. “Like I said, our numbers for RSV and flu are low this season, but it is flu and cold season. So, we are predicting that if it comes up we’ll be prepared. If we can prevent it, I think that’s the best strategy.”

RSV has similar symptoms as a cold. But if you develop shortness of breath, high fever, a bluish tint to your skin, or a worsening cough, it’s time to go to the emergency room.

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