Nonprofit category nominees for the Eureka Chamber Award Gala


The 2024 Awards Gala hosted by the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce is to celebrate businesses around our area. There are six categories and this is the nominees for the Positive Community Impact Nonprofit and Government category. 

“We also have a positive community impact for nonprofit and government included in that category, are AEDC Small Business Lending Center, you can see a few of the folks got nominated in multiple categories,” said Nancy Olson, the Eureka Chamber CEO. “We also have Breast and GYN Health Project, Humboldt Senior Resource Center, Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation and the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation.”

These non-profits prioritize helping people.

Breast and GYN Health Project

“The Breast and GYN Health Project is really excited to be nominated for an impact as an Impact nonprofit,” said Rose Gale-Zoellick, the Executive Director of Breast and GYN Health Project. “We’re a small nonprofit and–it’s fun to be even considered next to the Zoo and Senior Research Center, [and] all the other ones. So this is quite an honor.”

Humboldt Senior Resource Center
“We feel honored and humbled,” said Melissa Hooven, CEO of Humboldt Senior Resource Center. “It’s truly an accomplishment for us. It has significant additional value this year as it’s our 50th anniversary of service to the community. So it’s just really humbling to be recognized by our community peers and business partners and the other organizations and businesses that we partner with. And we’re truly thankful. It’s a fun and exciting opportunity.”

Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation
“We are really excited about the potential for winning this award,” said Jeff Lamoree, the Founding President of Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation. “We’re up against four other very honorable people, so we’ll see what happens come come Friday night to see when we win.”

“At Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation, we bring people together to support causes which we all believe in,” said Ashley Osia, the Director of Fund Development of Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation. “And we’re so honored to be nominated amongst these tremendous forces within our community and the leaders of Eureka.”

Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation 

“This is so special and exciting to be involved in this,” said Betty Kwan Chinn, the Founder of the foundation. “This will be my first time involved in this. This is fun and really good.”

Nominees get chosen by members of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce and they nominate other chamber members. Chamber members vote on the final nominees to select the winners for each category. The awards gala will be an evening of intrigue and wonder at the Redwood Acres starting at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

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