Warner Bros. took over Cutten and Arcata the past two days, this is what we know

Leonardo DiCaprio in the middle of a shoot at Murphy's Market. | Photo Courtesy of Christy Mast

It’s been an exciting few days around Humboldt County and that’s not including the weather. As we know, Oscar-nominated director, Paul Thomas Anderson brought Hollywood to Humboldt. He’s the one behind the “BC Project.” This is a Warner Bros. production with A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Regina Hall and Sean Penn.

On Monday, the production crew was seen by Humboldt locals at Murphy’s Market in Cutten. The film crew guided locals to an area where they could watch the filming happen but not interrupt their shots. 

This is what the film crew transformed in Cutten Plaza. | Photos by Robert Loy Pitts Jr.

Production crews transformed the Cutten Plaza into a Latino business corner. Shops like Babe’s Pizza and the Laundromat were transformed into a Mexican grill and a lavanderia which means laundromat in Spanish. 

The following day, the film crew set up on 18th and H Street to film a scene at Raliberto’s Taco Shop in Arcata. There were more than 100 film crew present including the A-list celebrities. 

And once again, the locals gathered around to try to take a peek of the filming. The directors even asked the crowd to be in the background of the shot. At this point, the local people beyond the extras are in the “BC Project.” The scene included minor explosions and Leonardo DiCaprio running on Highway 101. I even saw Regina Hall casually walking behind me!

It’s unknown when this film will come out. it may take a few more months or even a few years until we see this film on the big screens. It is also unknown where the production team will go next after they wrap up in Humboldt. 

Regina Hall spotted on the set of the “BC Project” in Arcata on H Street. | Video by Karina Ramos Villalobos

There were hundreds of people gathered at both areas where the production team filmed in the past two days. It’s exciting for us to experience something like this and who knows when it’ll happen again.

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