Storm Damage in Shelter Cove

storm damage in Shelter Cove
Storm damage in Shelter Cove (image courtesy Shelter Cove Fire)

Stormy weather left many customers in Shelter Cove without power Sunday, from around 8am until late afternoon.  Another round of storms followed that night, bringing another power outage to the area from midnight until 2:30pm Monday.

Shelter Cove’s Resort Improvement District General Manager, Christopher Christianson, told Redwood News that the community experienced 60+mph wind gusts and almost seven inches of rain in two days.  He added that approximately thirty trees came down across the Shelter Cove area, with at least seven of them falling into power lines, and a few even fell onto homes and decks.  Several fences also blew over.

Luckily, no one was hurt. 

On top of all that– a major water main also broke.  The community has come together and is helping with tree removal, along with the Shelter Cove Fire Department. Residents and businesses in the cove offered food and beverages for those who worked around the clock to restore power to the area. Christianson says around five of Shelter Cove’s power poles need to be replaced.

Shelter Cove is unique for its incredible beaches and isolated location on the lost coast of California, nestled in the King Range Conservation area. 

That level of isolation required the formation of California’s Resort Improvement District Number One.  This special purpose district was formed in 1965  for the purpose of installing and maintaining facilities that provide electric, water and sewer services for the community of Shelter Cove.

Shelter Cove is also known for its tide pools. Another round of king tides returns this week, brought by the new moon on Friday. The high tide in Shelter Cove that day is predicted to be up 7.61 feet at 9:53am with the low tide down to negative 1.18 feet at 5:03pm.  Sunset will be at 5:44pm that evening, so it could be a great night for tide pooling.

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