Freshwater School’s 6th Grade Invention Convention Returns

Freshwater School's Invention Convention for Sixth Graders
Freshwater School's Invention Convention for Sixth Graders

Science fairs are a common event at schools across the world, but Freshwater School’s sixth grade Invention Convention is different.

Kyla Rush, 6th grade teacher at Freshwater school, explains, “It’s sort of evolved out of our science fair. And, you know, as part of the new curriculum standards, inventions is very much a part of that innovation.  So I just wanted to do something a little bit different, a little more hands-on with creativity and creation. So it’s been about 15 years since we started this, and it’s evolved into what it is today.”

From idea to final prototype, these students learn how to do it all.

“They have to do a lot of researching on marketing and different ways of presenting themselves,” Ms. Rush adds. “They’re learning about how to not just public speak, but how do they interact with other people.”

The kids came up with some wonderful inventions for this year’s convention.

Ramon, a Freshwater 6th grader, built a metal detecting robot to help you find lost metals: “Let the MDR metal detector robot find and bring back your lost metal objects all while sitting back and controlling it with your remote control.”

Carter, a freshwater 6th grader, invented a way to save your laptop from sticker adhesive: the sticker shopper is a handy dandy sleeve that holds you stickers instead of having the adhesive to go on your computer. You slide it in this whole sleeve, and if you stick on the changes, you can change out to another sleeve. “

Story, a Freshwater 6th grader, invented a solution for student athletes and their families:  “Interchangeable brushes that you can put this on and, like, take your cleats and scrape all of the mud off just like that. You can just like, kind of sit down and brush them off before going into the house super easily.”

Kylee, a Freshwater 6th grader, made a custom box to help organize: “so the charger test gives you six or more spots for you to put your chargers charger boxes, airpods and more.  there are several different sizes.

Students came up with improvements to the ways we use our devices:

Jacob, freshwater 6th grader, made a custom invention to hold tablets:  “it is about holding up a like an electronic, because sometimes i get very, like, tired of holding it. And its purpose is to hold it up.”

Students innovated the ways we pack for travel:

Bristol, a Freshwater 6th grader, invented the travel buddy: “I always have to pack a thousand things, and it always takes up too much space, and I can’t put everything in there. So I decided to make everything go in one place. Shampoo, conditioner, anything you want in the handle. There’s like, toothbrush and toothpaste that comes out right here. There’s a toothpaste in here.”

And one student even came up with a way to thwart thieving cousins:

Kristen, a Freshwater 6th grader, showed up her folding pillow invention: “I travel sometimes, and sometimes my cousins steal my things. So i decided to make this so I can just hide it on my bed and then whenever my cousins leave, i can just pop it open and eat my snacks. Or if I feel like drawing, I can draw.”

The array of inventions was truly impressive.

“Our kids come to me in sixth grade and say, ‘I know what I’m inventing this year’ because they’ve been thinking about it for years.” Ms. Rush added. Parents and teachers must be very proud of the students, and hopefully the students are very proud of themselves as well.