Humboldt Superior Court Judge accused of sexual and ethical misconduct

Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Gregory Kreis faces 19 counts

The California Commission on Judicial Performance has filed a notice of formal proceedings against Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Gregory Kreis.

In a 34-page filing, the commission laid out nineteen counts against the judge. 

Kreis is accused of: groping a Eureka woman, exposing himself to another, sexual misconduct,  antisemitism, multiple ethics violations, making false statements to the presiding judge, violating due process, and abuse of authority.

The complaint also accused Kreis of drug and alcohol abuse, including driving around while doing cocaine.

Judge Kreis Campaign Instagram response

On his campaign Instagram account, Kreis released a public response saying he received the complaint on February 7th and was grateful there was a formal process to consider the facts.

He also went on to say the complaint contained “salacious and false allegations, some of them over a decade old.”

The oldest complaint in the document is from nine years ago – when he was working at the Humboldt County Public Defender’s Office.

And the document also includes a signed affidavit from the process server that said the judge received notice of this complaint last Friday, on February 2nd.

Former California governor Jerry Brown appointed Kreis to the position of Humboldt County Superior Court Judge in 2017.

Kreis is currently up for re-election and has until the 22nd to formally respond to the allegations.

You can read the complaint here.

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