Cannabis businesses and others will distribute 400 backpacks to the unhoused on Saturday


Humanity Heroes, a Los Angeles-based non-profit, that works with organizations across the region to travel to communities like Eureka distributing backpacks filled with essentials for the unhoused population. They are hosting their annual Day of Giving event with the help of the local cannabis community this Saturday at St.Vincent de Paul starting at 11 a.m.

“You know, just a day to give back to the community and show them that there are people that care and that we are thinking of them,” said Amy Simpson, the fundraising manager of Humanity Heroes. “Especially during these storms that we are having it’s important to make sure that they have warm blankets and all the supplies that we could get up there.”

Since 2020, organizers say that each year the event grows larger, so they’ll be bringing 400 backpacks this time. 

“Our role is with humanity heroes, is to bring out the homeless population and give them some gear for the wintertime,” said Shanon Taliaferro, the CEO of Green Ox Distribution. “We give them a backpack that’s full of warm clothes, generally socks and blankets and essential goods for the wintertime in Humboldt County.” 

Humanity Heroes was founded in 2014 by Michael Straumietis aka Big Mike. He is CEO of Advanced Nutrients–a cannabis supply company- and he has brought other cannabis businesses to this Day of Giving project. Other people involved in Saturday’s event include the Green Ox Distribution, Humboldt Homegrown, Uplift Eureka, and St. Vincent de Paul.

“I just feel that the cannabis community owes something to our population, whether it be the homeless population or families in need,” Taliaferro said. “We always want to reach out and put our best foot forward and do what we can when we have the ability to do it. So when we have the opportunity to join Advanced Nutrients and Humanity Heroes, we jumped on the opportunity.”

On Saturday at 9:30 a.m., organizers will begin setting up and they said, if anyone wants to volunteer to help, just stop by. Folks can also donate blankets, jackets, hygiene, or personal essentials at the event. 

Humanity Heroes is open to collaboration with other communities wishing to serve their local unhoused population. Simpson said people who want to collaborate to reach out and that information can be found on their website.

Visit their website to learn more.
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