Free Address Signs for Whitethorn Fire District Residents


Part of the charm of the North Coast is its vast, untouched areas of wilderness and the opportunity to live in a rural location.  However, the state of California and the county of Humboldt both require address signs to include reflective numbers on a contrasting background, and for the numbers to be at least 4 inches tall.

In fire country, many smaller communities are protecting their own, as volunteer firefighters

“The Whitethorn Fire department is the great volunteer fire department and they’re here to protect everybody that lives in the district.” says Cheryl Lisin, a member of the Whitethorn Fire Safe Council.

The Whitethorn fire department is providing free address signs for those who live in their district.

“They’re free because we want everybody to have one,” Cheryl says, “But we are accepting donations if they do cost the department money. So the smaller ones cost $15, the larger ones are about 25. So donations are gladly accepted. But the point is for everyone to have one.”

Cheryl stresses the importance of not only having an address sign clearly posted in fire country, but also having the right kind.  wood address signs are acceptable, but– wood burns, unlike metal..

“they’re fireproof, and especially if you mount them on a metal pole, they will burn. So if someone needs to come to your house for a medical emergency or to evacuate or something, they won’t burn. So responders can find you.” she says of the metal address signs they will be providing.

Signs should be posted at the junction of your driveway and the road, within 6-10 feet of the roadway, and on the same side of the road as your driveway.  posting address numbers on a mailbox is acceptable if it is located at your driveway, and posting on a gate is okay, too. This helps not only you, but your community.

Cheryl explains, “We now have a fire safety council, which is a bunch of community members that meet once a month to help support the fire department.  and that’s why we’re rolling out these signs just because of the collaborative effort, collaborative effort.”

The fire safety council is also doing mapping for the fire department, so they can locate people and their addresses more easily.