Johnny’s at the Beach, a Humboldt landmark

Johnny’s at the Beach is an RV resort and marina at King Salmon in Eureka. Family-owned and operated since 1948, Johnny’s is rich in history.

Johnny Kinder, current owner and son of the founders, gave some insight to the legacy behind the business.

“Johnny’s at the Beach has been here in King Salmon since 1948 and my family arrived here 98 years after Captain Buhne landed and started Humboldt City in 1850,” Kinder said.

The resort was originally created to service the fishermen that had traveled there for the abundance of salmon at the bay’s entrance.

“This used to be a fish camp and now the fishing has been pretty decimated by drought, by people battling for the water,” Kinder said. “What we really cater to are people passing through that are just wanting to explore Humboldt County.”

With long-time locals for employees, they can point out all the great spots to visit in the Humboldt area.

“We’re an integral part of Humboldt County, historically,” Kinder said. “This is our 76th year. And we are about promoting the places and culture of Humboldt County, which is really quite diverse for such a small area.”

Johnny’s wants to make sure that everyone who visits has a great time.

“We really strive to ensure that people enjoy their stay and that they feel valued and we value each and every person that comes through.”

Molly, the marina kitty, wants you to come down to Johnny’s to see the beautiful water and catch a fish or two.

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