8th and 9th streets in Arcata are officially becoming one-way

Onsite crew working on painting road signage and one-way conversion. | Photo by Karina Ramos Villalobos

Sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, the 8th and 9th streets in Arcata will re-open as one-way streets, that’s between I and K streets. The one-way street conversion began Monday.

“We were hoping to have all of the painting done by the end of the day so that we can reopen it to traffic tonight, but unfortunately the weather today has not been as expected,” said David Caisse, the Assistant City Engineer of Arcata. “As a result, the paint is taking longer to dry and we haven’t made as much progress as we had hoped. As of now, 9th St is open. It will likely be mid-day tomorrow before we can get 8th St re-opened with the new one-way configuration.”

The city wants to improve access to the plaza, Cal Poly Humboldt, the Creamery District and the Northtown area. The project is also designed to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and beautify the corridor. But, watch where you park.

“There is going to be parking,” said Erik Barnett, an onsite public worker. “It is going to be limited. Lots of red curbs, so watch where you park.”

The city has been planning this improvement project for nearly two years. But there’s a big difference between a plan and having to drive through it.

“Just be safe, take your time,” Barnett said. “If you’re unsure just be cautious of other drivers.”

City workers are putting their final touches on everything and expect to be finished on Thursday. This work completes the major components of the 8th and 9th Street Improvement Project. However, there have been discussions between city officials about future lighting improvements within the area. 

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