Humboldt Soup Company closing after nearly ten years of serving customers

The Humboldt Soup Company is closing its doors, after nearly ten years of serving customers fresh and local food.

“It was kind of my dream to be able to provide fresh food utilizing our local agricultural community, providing accessible easy access to healthy and organic foods.” Humboldt Soup Company owner Christine Silver said.

Chef Silver has more than 30 years of experience in the food industry and also owns The Hood in downtown Eureka and the Ecos cafe at Sequoia Park Zoo.

Christine announced the closure of Humboldt Soup Company on Facebook, stating “while there are many factors that went into my decision…”

Those factors include a more competitive market.

“The city of Eureka welcomed five new fast food concepts in the last two years. That is my category: the fast-casual concept, so when your competitors increase by 50 percent, it’s gonna take a little piece of your business,” Silver said.

The rise of food trucks in the area  

“I really have to give it to these folks that are really taking things in their own hand and how they are doing business,” Silver said. “A lot of those folks have good foods, they provide good service, but that also does mean that the slice of pie you are working so hard for inevitably becomes smaller and smaller.”

And even though the pandemic was four years ago, it contributed to the eventual closure.

“We really tried our best since the beginning of the pandemic to adapt and to be flexible and we have really paid attention to the marketplace,” Silver said. “They say that the food service industry is the toughest market to be in and there is truth to that.”

Silver says she’ll find new placements for her employees.

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