Woman and immigrant-owned business celebrates 3rd birthday

Three women stand in front of a shelf display. The woman on the right is holding a bouquet.
Owner of Rosebud Home Goods, Tamara Cervenka, center, stands with employees Sarahminda Czajka, left, and Bailey Cox, right.

Born in Sarajavo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tamara Cervenka had to flee her country at 10 years old due to the Bosnian War.

“We were trapped there for a little over four months, and then we escaped to Croatia, where I also have family,” Cervenka said. “And then a couple years after that, we came to this country through a program that the U.N. was doing with placement of refugees.”

30 years later, Cervenka is the owner of Rosebud Home Goods in Eureka, celebrating the business’ third year of operation. Focused on sustainability and conscientiousness, the shop offers high-quality and unique finds for any home.

“What I’m trying to do for my customers is, I do the research,” Cervenka said. “I very carefully pick everything out. I do the work so that when people some in here and buy something, they can trust that it’s good, that nobody suffered in the making of it, that it’s supporting something good, that it’s going to last a really long time”

A feature of the store is the refill bar.

“My refill bar is really important because being able to refill our really durable containers that we already have, that’s really great,” Cervenka said. “That keeps things out of the landfill, too. And all the products that I pick, that’s in my refill bar, is good for the planet. It’s good for us. It’s not harmful in any way.”

Cervenka takes pride in curating her wares for her customers.

“It’s really important to me, personally, to bring certain things to this community that I think we all deserve to have,” Cervenka said.

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