Big connectivity changes on the way for H & I Streets in Eureka


H and I Streets in Eureka will undergo significant changes beginning this month.

New changes include a new bike lane that will occupy the third lane. This is part of the Eureka North-South Multi-Modal Corridor Plan.

The plan creates more access for pedestrians and bicyclists. These changes have been in the works since 2017.

“That was finalized in 2018, and at that point, the city council directed staff to go look for funding to build these improvements. And over the course of different grant cycles, we were finally successful in getting funding from the highway safety improvement program,” City of Eureka Public Works director Brian Gerving said.

The changes will extend from Harris Street north to 6th Street. Along the way, new truncated dome mats have been installed.

“Those transitions are being modified so they are ada compliant with new flush transition, new what are called truncated domes, the yellow bumps that help visually impaired understand where they need to go.”

Lighted crosswalks have also been installed for pedestrians and Eureka High School students.

As for the two-lane change, this will be similar to two other busy streets. 

“They have very similar traffic volume to Henderson and Harris streets. Both of those in their one-way segment have two lanes in each direction with, like I said, very similar volumes to H and I Street,” Gerving said. So if you think of driving on Harris and Henderson Streets right now, that’s how we expect H and I Street to function.”

The news brought more than 90 comments on Facebook with people voicing their opinions.

“We take that community feedback into account understanding that not every option is going to be popular with everybody. There are definitely people who like these changes and people who are not as excited about the changes,” Gerving said.

The Eureka Public Works Department hopes the project will be completed by summer if the weather cooperates.

The City of Eureka is also still in what is being called its “Pothole Blitz” – that’s filling potholes left behind after our rainy winter weather.