Eureka Visitor’s Center welcomes tourists


Every year, six-hundred thousand people visit the national parks in Humboldt County.

Julie Benbow, executive director of Humboldt County’s Visitors Bureau, states that “The reason why visitors come here is because they want what we already have.”

Earlier this year, the city of Eureka improved their tourism brochures to highlight other offerings in the area. Benbow continues, “So, whilst people come to look at the trees, we want them to stay and enjoy the arts and culture and history and meet the people…in 2022, tourists brought half a billion dollars to the county.”

There are so many parts of the area that remain unexplored by locals. Residents are often forced to overlook hidden gems in the area due to perceived familiarity. Due to this, there are many portions of the county that remain less explored.

Benbow hopes to encourage more cultural appreciation through education on the history of Humboldt County and the local tribes. There are plenty of summer activities for residents.

This weekend is eventful for our area, as we are kicking off the unofficial start to summer with the kinetic grand championships.

Benbow further comments, “We really do support and promote festivals like the kinetic Grand Sculpture race, the Oyster Festival, Bigfoot Daze. We have rodeos in Orrick and Fortuna, and classic car conferences and all sorts of. There’s something for everybody here.”

To learn more about events and happenings in Humboldt County, you can visit the Eureka Visitor Center at 108 F Street in Old Town.