McKinleyville Land Trust celebrates National Trail Day


National Trails Day is this Saturday, and we spoke to the president of the Mckinleyville Land Trust at Mad River Bluff, an area that was saved from residential development back in 2001.

“When the land trust was formed and when we received this property, we got it through a grant from the Coastal Conservancy. And the Coastal Conservancy has mandated us to conserve native flora and fauna, all the plants and animals, yet also provide human access to the river and to the coastal zone”, says Duncan McNeil, President of the Mckinleyville Land Trust.  

Mad River Bluffs has more than 74 acres of land to explore

“It’s special because it’s easily accessible. It’s not rugged, it’s not steep. Anybody can come out here and use these trails”, says McNeil. 

We also spoke to a dog owner enjoying the open use trail.

“She likes every single thing about this park. And whenever, as soon as I turn on the hill or road, she goes crazy. And then so we take off and come to the park and it’s so close. It’s really wonderful, the opportunity to just be in the forest, to just be present to the plants and the native grasses”, says Rebecca Henson, hiker and dog owner.

The Trail also has incredible views.

“So we all have a view of our Earth in different ways. It’s one thing when you’re driving behind the wheel and you’re stuck in traffic. It’s one thing when you’re, you know, on the internet staring at pictures or news or whatever. It’s really different when you’re walking and looking and seeing what our planet has to offer”, McNeil says. 

Mad River Bluffs is maintained by volunteer work, and they need help to maintain it. 

“Volunteer days here on mad river bluffs usually entail removing invasive plants, trail maintenance, and cleanup. You know, a lot of times it’s just cleaning up because not all humans are neat and tidy. The trail day on the 21st is more than likely going to involve invasive English ivy removal, which is a detriment to, you know, our other native plants here on the property”, says McNeil. 

The next trail volunteer day will be on July 21st. You can join by emailing or by calling (707) 839-5263.