Humboldt Crabs Win 9 to 3


The Humboldt Crabs challenged the Fresno A’s today, beating them nine to three.

This summer, they will be completing their 80th season.

The Crabs manager is hopeful with the new recruits; “I think they’re seeing a little bit of it so far. You know, we’re almost two weeks into it. We’ve got a good team. Looks like we’re going to hit some home runs. We only hit 14 last year, and I think we’re up to six already. And I don’t know if it’s six games or something right now. So, be a little bit more long ball. still got guys coming in. So we’re not a full roster yet, but, I think when we have everybody, we’re gonna have a really good summer.” Robin Guiver states.

The community looks forward to these games every summer, but it’s not just the fans that enjoy the atmosphere of the ballpark.

Crabs player Javier Felix relays; “I love a lot of the fans. Are great. Atmosphere here is awesome. It’s always fun to be here in summer. College is a lot more serious, things are on the line – not saying that the crabs aren’t on the line, but it’s just a lot more loose…and we have a lot more fun.”

Utility player Parker Rogers agrees; “The atmosphere sticks out a lot – the atmosphere of the ballpark. I played junior college baseball, so the atmosphere really isn’t that great. So being in a place for atmospheres, it’s really cool with the fans that just love the players. It’s really cool to see that.”

Parker Rogers was once a fan himself, growing up locally and attending Crabs games when he was younger. After playing at College of the Redwoods, he is excited to finally be a part of the team this summer.

From players to local business to fans, it seems that everyone is in agreement that something about the Humboldt Crabs is special. The energy of the ballpark is supportive and welcoming as everyone gathers to be a part of something they enjoy.

If you find yourself looking for something to do this summer, in a pinch, come and take in a Crabs Game!