North Coast People’s Alliance Celebrates Volunteers


ARCATA – Redwood Park was host to the North Coast People’s Alliance potluck and party.

Under sunny skies, there was food, music and games for everyone who attended.

The alliance is a non-partisan group committed to working for economic, social and environmental justice in Humboldt County.

Over the past year, volunteers have been working for mobile home rent control, and true election wards in Eureka.

Saturday was a thank you to all the volunteers and supporters and to learn about upcoming projects.

“We’re doing an event that’s an educational event about civic engagement. It will be in September and people can find information about it soon on our website,” said NCPA’s Steering Committee Chair, Tamara Mcfarland, “It’s geared towards anybody who might want to run for office, or volunteer on a campaign, or apply to serve on an appointed board or just understand how local government works. There’s only so much impact we can have nationally and while we need to continue to work on that front it’s also clear that we need to work locally to get people in the pipelines to make their way up the ranks. Just getting quality people in who care about real issues and about regular working people.”

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