Over 3,000 Lightning Strikes Over The Past 48 hours According to CalFire


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA – Forest officials were dreading the weather and with good reason. Wednesday, Cal Fire announced Northern California was hit with over 3,000 lightning strikes in the last 48-hours. That’s a pretty scary amount for sure and now there are 18 fires in the Mad River Ranger District alone.

Firefighters are making good progress on some of the other fires burning in the Six Rivers National Forest and farther east. Monday, a bolt of lightning struck a power pole in Shasta County and the surge caused a television to explode and a fire to start in a neighboring house. Currently the Orleans Complex Fire has torched over 5,000 acres and is 11% contained.

Officials say we’re not out of the woods yet. Although they’re tapering off, more thunderstorms are expected in the coming days and weeks.