Man Deemed Unfit To Stand Trial For Murder Still Has No Place To Go



EUREKA – A man deemed incompetent to stand trial for murder has nowhere to go for treatment.
Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office arrested Hector Godoy-Standley and for others for the murder of Tyson Claros. Investigators say the group lured the 20-year-old to Highway 255 near Manila the morning of December 12th where co-defendant Brandon Mitchell allegedly fired multiple shots at Claros, killing him.

The courts deemed Godoy-Standley mentally incompetent to face murder charges in May.

The District Attorney’s Office said he’s been languishing in jail since and requested that the court transfer him to a facility in Napa to begin treatment.

Judge Wilson asked “what am I treating him for?” and pointed to differing accounts of his mental status.

The defense attorney will meet with the Redwood Coast Regional Center following its decision to not accept Godoy-Standley for treatment.

Judge Wilson chose to delay a commitment order until after that meeting.

Godoy-Standley’s next court appearance is Tuesday, August 22.