Human Circus Comes To Arcata Creamery Festival


ARCATA – The Creamery Festival capped off its 100th anniversary celebration of the Arcata Creamery Building on Sunday with circus performers.

The Flynn Creek Circus is based out of Mendocino County and on Sunday dazzled the audience with athletic and risky performances.

This particular circus does not use animals, but rather human stunts and theatrics.

The troupe aimed to inspire their audience, all while celebrating 100 years Arcata creamery history.

“We love Arcata,” said Flynn Creek Circus owner, Blaze Birge, “The audience is super fun and it’s a great time for everybody. This year especially we have performers from all over the world that are world class. We really hope that people leave this show feeling inspired and having had a great laugh and just forgetting their troubles for a little while.”

News Channel 3 is proud to be a sponsor of the Creamery Festival.