Eclipse Viewing Event At HSU


ARCATA – All across the nation today people put on their protective eye wear and went out to witness the first nation-wide solar eclipse since 1918. However the weather made it difficult to view in some places, such as right here at Humboldt State University where the Department of Physics and Astronomy put on an eclipse viewing event on the events field.

Our meteorologist Shelly Lindblade says this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience since it’s going to go across the entire United States. The last eclipse here was about 40 years ago but it only went across a few states and the next will be 2024 and that will also be only for a few states.

The events field was packed this morning with students, faculty, and families all there to see what this much awaited eclipse would actually look like.

“I’m trying to check out the eclipse… I’m pretty excited to come out and just maybe check it out it seems like it be a, once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says freshman Chris Martinz.

“I definitely wanted to see a little bit more of the actual sun disappearing, but it still cool to see it gradually and get a little bit darker… it’s still cool to be able to say I was experiencing one to some degree but yeah I wish I could see more,” says freshman Molly Houston.

“It’s also cool to see everyone gathered together to watch it… wish I could see more I’m sure it’s beautiful,” says freshman Megan Bristow.

Here in Humboldt County those who did get to see the direct eclipse saw about 87% coverage.

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