HDSO Launches Anti-Grow House Campaign

hdso-launces-anti-grow-house-campaignEUREKA- The Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff’s organization is starting a campaign in order to combat potentially dangerous, unpermitted marijuana grow houses.

The organization wants residents in Eureka and McKinleyville who are frustrated with these types of illegal operations to join them in speaking out.

Campaign’s leaders are looking to Arcata – which used a tactic to identity grow houses based on electricity use and placed discouraging taxes accordingly.

They note that the Sheriff’s Office has been losing Senior Deputies as a reason why they’re reaching out for community support and input.

We spoke with the organizer, Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff President, Jamie Barney, who tells us he’s dealt with this problem first hand.

“Who wants a grow house as a neighbor? I certainly don’t,” said Sheriff Deputy Barney, “The smell is 24 hours a day it’s nasty. Not all grow houses, but some start developing the oil which requires butane, and can start fires. A neighborhood I moved out of three years ago, the house behind it did blow. This isn’t the only problem in Humboldt County, I realize that, but it’s one I think has an easier solution.”

To find out more about the grow house campaign and join their mailing list, you can visit www.humboldtsheriffs.org

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