Bike Rodeo Held in Eureka


EUREKA, CA – Saturday, the Marshall Family Resource Center in Eureka hosted a rodeo, but this event is far from your typical run around the arena. The emphasis was first and foremost on safety.

Saturday’s “Bike Rodeo” was an opportunity for Eureka’s pint sized residents to practice navigating on two wheels, learn about traffic laws, get fitted for a free helmet, and even register their cycles with the Eureka Police Department.

“Bike safety is very important for children who are riding their bikes around the community, and so anytime we can promote that safety and the things that surround bikes we’re happy to do that.” Eureka’s Superintendent of Schools, Fred Van Vleck explains, “We even have stations set up around where there’s all kinds of different things ranging from checking the bikes to make sure they’re safe to teaching children how to get off and on a bus.”

A representative from the Redwood Community Action Agency, Jenny Weiss, also spoke with KIEM about the event her organization helped to host. “We’re here to promote health by walking and biking as a form of transportation instead of driving, and also everybody deserves a safe route to school.”