Ferndale City Council hopes to block permits reguarding non-medical marijuana


FERNDALE – The Ferndale City Council will meet in special session on Tuesday to ban a statewide ordinance which would allow for permits for commercial manufacturing and distribution of non-medical marijuana.

The meeting is intended to help move the processes along quickly in order to block any potential permits, right now they’re hoping to get the new regulations in place in about a month. The city plans to ban everything except for the current exception of indoor use. Ferndale City Manager, Jay Parrish, says they need more time to look over the new ordnance before they can make adjustments as needed.

Parrish says they plan to see how the new ordnance does throughout the state and in the local communities so they can have some more information before they make any final decisions. The meeting on Tuesday begins at 4:30 in City Hall.

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