Pumpkin drop teaches engineering to 5th graders

EUREKA – Teams of Eureka 5th graders learned a unique lesson in engineering with the help of pumpkins, and each team is hoping for one thing from their designs. “I’m hoping for it to survive and not crack or explode,” 10-year-old Ronnie said.
Students at Washington School used cardboard boxes, plastic bags and straws to build a pumpkin enclosure.
Their goal was to keep the pumpkin intact when dropped from 30′ to 100′ feet. Humboldt Bay Fire helped with the drop.
And though only a few of the pumpkins made it through unscathed, teachers said it was a great learning experience.
5th Grade Teacher at Washington Elementary School Mollie Holland, “I see students working so well with one another and making friendships that I didn’t expect to see. It’s really great to see them working hands on and having new experiences.”

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