Turkey Trot: raising money for local athletics programs


EUREKA, CA. – Hundreds of people made it out to Old Town Eureka Thursday morning for the 15th Annual Turkey Trot 5K run to have some fun this Thanksgiving.

“It’s a fun event for families to come out the morning of Thanksgiving and try to work off some of that turkey before they go home and eat all day,” said Sarah Ingram, Humboldt State Track and Cross Country Coach.

Put on in partnership with Humboldt State, College of the Redwoods, and local high schools, the event is also a fundraiser to help run local athletics programs.

“This is a huge fundraiser,” said College of the Redwoods Track and Cross Country Coach, Reed Elmore, “It helps pay for hotels, it helps augment any kind of equipment we need, it helps pay for all that travel so the kids can see that big beautiful world out there.”

There were incentives for the fastest runners – some Humboldt Pie.

In first place was 18-year-old College of the Redwoods runner Nicholas Brichta, coming in at 15:21.

“That’s a personal record for me. I haven’t run many 5ks so yeah, it was a good race! There’s pies as prizes, how could I not run it?” said Brichta.

Nicholas was followed by the females fastest, Cindy Reed of Oregon Tech, who had the same idea.

“I was just hoping for a pie honestly,” said Reed, “My boyfriend really likes pie so I thought why not try?”

“I’m thankful for a community like this that comes together on thanksgiving and puts forth an effort to help the youth of our community,” said CR Coach Reed Elmore.

The run is sponsored the Jogg’n Shop in Arcata and the Six Rivers Running Club.

More of their upcoming events can be found, here: http://www.6rrc.com/2016.html#nov