Keeping history on solid ground: Efforts increase to save Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse


Trinidad, Ca., (KIEM)- Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse has been a concrete beacon of maritime history since 1949. The structure was built as a memorial to those lost at sea, with the dual purpose of housing an original lens from the Trinidad Head Lighthouse donated by the US Coast Guard.

Today, the structure is a landmark. It’s also in danger of slipping into the ocean. Right now the bluff underneath the memorial site is stable, but experts estimate by winter’s end it may not be.

According to Patti Fleschner, the President of the Trinidad Museum and chair of the Memorial Lighthouse Preservation Committee, engineers have advised them the structure should be moved.

If relocated, all parts of the memorial will be moved. The community is coming together to fund the project, and this week an emergency application for the Eastward relocation was filed.