Eureka Waterfront Development: Worth the wait?

EUREKA – Development of the city-owned property along Eureka’s Waterfront has taken longer than expected so staff is seeking input on whether the community’s vision is worth the wait.
Over the course of several meetings locals shared their hopes for Eureka’s Waterfront from C to F Street.
The community’s vision was filtered into a plan that included a multi-use retail, office and residential building with limited parking, concepts that are not allowed by the city’s zoning codes.
Since then, staff have identified other challenges to development including parking standards, market demand and its location in the coastal zone.
Now staff will seek direction from economic development and planning commissioners as well as council members on whether or not to wait until the city’s general plan and zoning code updates are complete or move ahead with a design that doesn’t match residents’ priorities.
Eureka’s Development Services Director Rob Holmlund said, “The city is fortunate that we have so much land to develop along the waterfront. It’s a phenomenal opportunity and we want to make sure we do great projects with our Waterfront. So once it’s developed it’s developed. We also don’t want to sit on it forever so we’re finding the balance between the perfect project and taking too long. What we’re trying to do is to work with the community and come up with the best project we can that’s realistic.”
The Economic Development Commission will discuss the matter at Wednesday’s special meeting. The Planning Commission will take it up monday followed by council on December 19th.

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