Sporting Youth: Institute of Combat Wrestling


Heart, dedication, mental toughness. All things that characterize what a wrestler is. In Arcata, one gym is building a name for itself with championship wrestlers as young as 4 and 5 years-old. Here’s more with the Sporting Youth.

Here is a list of some of the accomplishments of the wrestlers:

Team : All 8 wrestlers that attended Best of the West on 11/17/17placed first in their bracket and  made it to the Championship rounds of Best of the West a tournament with +800  wrestlers, 3  won the Best of the West Champion Singlets given to the overall winner of each weight, 4 got 2nd in the overall championship and 1 got 3rd in the Championship rounds.
On Jan 6, 2018, 4 out of 5 wrestlers qualified for the Oregon Classic, to qualify they had to place top 3 at one of the qualifiers that took place in Oregon/Washington.
Taylor Bell: Best of the West Champion 2017, runner-up 2016, REWA Outstanding Wrestler 2017, Lost 1 match during last year’s REWA season, Oregon Classic Qualifier 2 years in a row, 4th place at Wild West.
Kaidan Bell: 2 year runner up Best of the West, 2 year Oregon Classic Qualifier,Outstanding Wrestler with the fastest pins last year at Del Norte. 2nd place at Greco state last year,1st place at Wild West Folk Style(10/8/17) tournament  16-2 this season.
Azaria Tae:  record 42 -2  3 time California State champion.
Asha Mae: is 41-3 2 time California state and 2nd at CA state in the boys division.
Dakota Bestul: 12 wins 3 losses 11 pins.
Tanner Baxter: 29 wins and 1 lost for Oregon 2017/2018. Undefeated in Oregon 2016/2017 and Humboldt County 2017. Outstanding wrestler for Southern Slam 2016 and 2017 / Coastal Class 2016 / and Arcata tournament 2017. Also got 1st for the Freestyle championship tournament at Humboldt and Redding.
Ruger: 1st for the Freestyle Championship Tournament in Humboldt 2017 and first at Best of the West in Oregon 2017.