Eureka to consider changes to housing standards ahead of zoning code overhaul


EUREKA – Development Services will propose making changes to Eureka’s zoning codes before a complete overhaul is finished later this year.
Staff are recommending six changes to residential design standards. Those include increasing maximum height of accessory buildings like detached garages from 12 to 20 feet and eliminating limitations on rear yard development. In addition, the proposal calls for an end to requirements that parking spaces be covered and would allow tandem parking.
Finally, the plan would reduce minimum driveway width and count driveways as parking spaces.
While these may not seem like ground breaking policy changes, Development Services Director Rob Holmlund told News Channel 3 they could lead to new construction breaking ground.
Holmlund said, “One of the primary objectives is to not only make it easier to get through all the development processes but also stimulate the creation of new housing units. And so by allowing mother-in-law units above garages or changing the development standards so that it’s easier to get new units on to a property we expect that this will end up resulting in creating new housing units.”
Council will discuss the matter at Tuesday’s meeting that starts at 6 p.m. at Eureka City Hall.