Hoopa Valley Tribe Chairman implements limited alcohol sales


Hoopa Valley Tribe, Ca., (KIEM) According to Hoopa Valley Tribe Reservation: Approximately a month ago, a message originated from the Chairman’s Office concerning efforts to make downtown a more comfortable place for everyone. To this end and to push back against public drunkenness, Chairman Ryan Jackson decided to prohibit alcohol sales at the local Mini-Mart from opening to 5 pm every day. For clarity, this does NOT mean people cannot drink on the Hoopa Valley Reservation; rather, again, the local Mini-Mart will not sell alcohol from opening to 5 pm.

At this time, this limited alcohol sale remains in effect and will continue until further notice from the Hoopa Valley Administration. As detailed in the Chairman’s message, Chairman Ryan Jackson realizes that this alcohol measure may be an inconvenience, but he believes that this limited sale could have a positive impact on downtown Hoopa. Chairman Ryan Jackson continues and states that this limited alcohol sale will be a trial measure, meaning that this may or may not become a permanent policy–dependent mainly on community feedback.

Perhaps one of the most important takeaways from this trial alcohol policy, as Chairman Jackson states, “We should all feel comfortable [and safe] downtown.” Accordingly, if there is any way to improve downtown practically, the Hoopa Tribal Administration should do what they can to accomplish such goals.