HSU Organizes Professional Clothing Drive


ARCATA, Ca. (KIEM) – Walking into an interview first impressions are key. At Humboldt State University, local community members cleared their closets to help students look the professional part.

Its professional closet designed to help students get ready for when they enter the work force.

“They can feel professional and confident in the overall package they’re presenting when they’re going out there trying to get internships for the summer,” said Kristina Hunt, a career adviser at HSU.

Stacks of clothes and piles of shoes were all donated by members of the HSU and local community.

The pop-up closet also helps to ease students and their wallets.

“They often don’t have the financial ability to purchase their own,” said Hunt, “and this gives them an opportunity to access that in a way that won’t hurt their pocket or make them choose between food and clothes.”

Lolita Go is a junior at HSU. She says, having this closet is an important resource for the school community.

Students at HSU are thankful for the professional clothing closet.

When students leave the walls of college they should not only look the part, but also have carry the confidence.

Next week, HSU will be hosting its Annual Career and Volunteer Expo. Over a hundred employers are expected to attend. The Expo runs from 12 p.m. 4 p.m.

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