Humboldt County school comes together to support student with cancer


FERNDALE, Ca. (KIEM) – A local Humboldt County High School is coming together to support one of their own who has cancer.

16-year-old Ferndale High School student Jonas Bramwell was diagnosed with Lymphoma in late February.  He underwent an emergency extensive surgery to remove large amounts of cancerous tumors growing in his abdomen.

Now, he needs months of chemotherapy. To help ease the cost of medical bills, the Ferndale community is coming together to raise money for Jonas and his family.

The Ferndale Softball team is having a fundraiser at the high school from 11 in the morning till two in the afternoon for Jonas on Saturday.

On Sunday the Ferndale community will be having one on Main Street from 1 in the afternoon till five at night in the US Bank Parking Lot.