Fortuna gym celebrates Earth Day with a fitness challenge


Fortuna, Ca., (KIEM) In the name of Earth Day, a local gym joins the green initiative.

Bodyworks Fitness in Fortuna is getting gym goers excited to work out and help save the planet. The initiation is called the treadmill challenge.

Here’s how it works:

Gym members are to use an eco-powered treadmill for 4-5 minutes.

Following the session, members are to post up their results with the hash-tag #trendmillchallenge on social media, at a chance to win different eco-friendly products from all over the world.

The goal is to generate as much power as one can in five minutes.

Co-owner of Body Works, Matt Porter, said protecting the planet is the way of the future, “You’re reducing your carbon footprint, you’re generating power, and you’re doing all the movement. There is no motor proponent propelling you forward…you are actually doing all the work.”

Porter said it’s killing two birds with one stone. An opportunity to work out and another to save energy. Plus anyone can do it.

SportsArt, a partner of Bodyworks started this year’s Trendmill Challenge.