Mother continually searches for ways to help her daughter


EUREKA, CA. (KIEM) – Chances are you know someone who is struggling with a mental illness. Family members are often doing their best to help someone who is battling mood swings or depressive thoughts or even aggressive behavior. Our Dru Miller sat down with a woman named Hollie. For over 7 years she’s been helping her daughter Stephanie manage her mental illness, but recently the situation has become unmanageable. The question Hollie asks, as she desperately tries to support her daughter, how do you help someone who refuses your help?

This is just one case of a constant battle that a lot of us are facing. Family Liaison Lea Nagy says “don’t hesitate to take advantage of support groups or the DHHS Crisis Mobil Outreach and for those who are taking care of others be sure to take care of yourself.”

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