Eureka Elks Lodge Celebrates how US Adopted American Flag

EUREKA, CA (KIEM) – Veterans, Boy Scouts, and attendees salute the American flag at Elks Lodge Flag Day Ceremony.

The celebration was about the history of when the United States adopted the Nations Flag. The US had seven different flags before we got the current 50-Star one we have today.

One veteran thinks it is important to continue teaching the backstory of all the flag for generations to come.

“First off I don’t believe that this information is being taught in our public schools today. The history of our flag should be important to everyone. We need to know how did we come about,” said Gary Payne a Vietnam Vet.

“A lot of people are forgetting what’s going on in the world. And they don’t realize how great of a country we have,” said Richard Mahoney, a Vietnam Vet.

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