Construction Underway for Danco Housing Project in Rio Dell, some Resident not Happy


RIO DELL, CA (KIEM) – Construction is underway for a Rio Dell housing project for the homeless. The Danco Company is behind the apartment complex proposal. They say they’re trying to get homeless people off the street and give them a safe place to live. But some Rio Dell residents are not happy about it.

The controversial $7.8 Million housing project on Rigby and Center Street is supposed to give aid to those who need it, but it puts them in an area where they’re not welcome by everyone. The Danco Company is doing this, so less homeless people are without shelter.

“Our mission over the last 20 years [has] been to provide all of the low-income housing or most of it in the County of Humboldt. And we’ve done a pretty successful job at that,” said Chris Dart, Danco President.

The qualifications to get into one of the 26 units: You have to be on Medi-Cal, be homeless or at risk, and make less than $18,000 a year.

“So, I think that it’s just new, it’s different. People have never seen this type of housing before. And so, there’s a lot of fears. We’re confident that it will [run] well, it will be [well-staffed],” said Dart.

We spoke with some nearby residents off-camera how they would feel about new neighbors on their block. They said they would not have an issue, as long as there are no problems. But one resident is not happy.

“Very unhappy with the fact they’re building an inner-city ghetto in this nice community. I moved to this area because it was a small town, a good neighborhood,” said Terry Gustin, a Rio Dell Resident.  

The Danco Company says there will be 24-hour security at the complex. Along with other special services, like a case manager to give support to the tenants.

“Those being how to fill out job applications, how to pay your bills. PTSD is a big one,” said Dart.

Construction for the housing project will be completed in December. They will start taking applications in September and hope to begin leasing in January of 2020. The Danco Company does have a message for those that do oppose the project.

“[There are] already homeless people in your community, and we’re taking them from the situation that they’re currently in of homelessness to having a home,” said Dart.

The Danco Company are not taking leasing applications just yet, but they are taking interest forms. To find out more head over to their website at