Sporting Youth: B52s Bomber Camp


EUREKA, Ca (KIEM)– The B52s are at it again teaching the youth the game of baseball at their Bomber Camp. It’s to inspire kids to enjoy the sport and learn from the players themselves.

Pitching, running bases, and hitting baseballs in the outfield. It is the many skills the B52 players are showing kids ages 6 through twelve how to hone.

“I’ve learned the correct way and proper way to field a ground ball in the outfield. Hitting wise, on oppo. Bunting [and] pitching a lot,” said Tanner Kees, a 10-year-old Bomber Camp goer from McKinleyville.

The kids get to know the players and interact with them on a one-on-one basis. For one camper, it means a lot to him because he wants to play for the B52s one day.

“It’s just a great field. They’re very nice. They have a very nice staff, and they help me improve,” said Mason Beaucamp, a nine-year-old Bomber Camp goer from Freshwater.

The Bomber Camp is not just for boys. Girls are also welcome to Bomber Field and see what the program is all about.

“We actually have two girls at camp this year, and we definitely welcome that. Baseball is a game that all kids and grownups can play. It doesn’t matter gender or anything,” said Jeff Giacomini, Bombers Camp Instructor.

If you want to go all the way to the major leagues.

“I’ll do the Angels, Cubs, Giants; I don’t really care. Any team I get on, it’s amazing,” said Kees.

Or you want to play baseball in Humboldt County.

“I like it cause I get to hang out with the players, and I get to meet new friends,” said Beaucamp.

The Bomber Camp is all about kids having fun on the diamond.

“A lot of these kids they’re just in love with baseball, that’s what they want to do,” said Giacomini.

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