11 Candidates running for three Yurok Tribal Council Seats

KLAMATH, Ca (KIEM)– Eleven candidates are running for three council seats in the upcoming Yurok Tribal Election.

There are three candidates for the Pecwan District: Jacob Ford, Julia Magee-Snyder, and Mindy Marie Natt. Five for the East District: Lottie Ammon, Lori L. Hodge, Christal McKinnon, Lyle L. McKinnon, and Joe O’Rourke. And three for the South District: Lana M. McCovey, Patti McCovey, and Teresa Lee McGinnis.

The primary election day is October 9th. All tribal members who will be 18 by that day must register to vote by August 26th.

For more information, go to the tribal website YurokTribe.org.

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