Sporting Youth: Humboldt Crabs Baseball Camp


REDWOOD FIELDS, Ca (KIEM)– The Humboldt Crabs are taking a break from the diamond and showing youngsters the game of baseball.

Learning how to hit, working on your footwork at the mound, and running around the diamond. These are some of the skills Crab players are helping the youth improve. They enjoy working with the passionate ballplayers.

“It’s fun to give them the knowledge that we have, that we’ve learned throughout the years, and then share it with them. So they can learn from us as well,” said Ryan Rodriguez, Crabs RHP.

Many of these kids look up to the Humboldt Crabs baseball team. It means the world to them to be trained by the players they go and watch during Crabs season.

“I love baseball. I love playing, and I always go to Crabs games,” said Greyson Mathews, an 8-year-old Eureka resident.

“The players are so into it. They’re always positive. I know some of them they’ll end up going to the MLB, and you can see them out there playing on the big fields,” said Cole Zeller, a 12-year-old Eureka resident.

The Crabbers helped one camper with his curveball. He has new tricks up his sleeve when he throws the ball.

“They help me develop my curveball. [They’ve] helped me learn from the stretch, because I used to go through the windup, and I couldn’t go through the stretch. So, they’ve helped me a lot, and get more power from my legs,” said William Mooney, a 12-year-old Eureka resident.

The Crab players want to instill in camp goers, the game of baseball is about having fun.

“That’s what this age is meant for, you’re supposed to have as much fun as possible,” said Rodriguez.

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