Wildwood Days Car Show showcases Vehicles from early 1900s


RIO DELL, Ca (KIEM)– Vehicles from 1914 through the 1970s park in front of City Hall in Rio Dell for the Wildwood Days Car Show.

Wheels, engines, and seat designs are what bring car lovers together for the appreciation of classic vehicles.

Every single mobile that parked in front of City Hall was fully functional. Even the 1914 Buick that was manufactured over 100 years ago.

One car owner drove from Blue Lake down to Rio Dell at 7:30 Sunday morning to get a good parking spot.

“You can’t meet a better group of people than car guys. They love what they do. They love their cars. To put the passion that they have into one thing is terrific,” said Allen Mann, a Blue Lake resident.

“They just like the variety. If you could look around [to] check the colors, the kinds, and the makes. The ones that were made in people’s garages that were found in a pile of brush that someone actually brought already fixed up,” said Mary Burns, Car Show Coordinator.