Suspect involved in McKinleyville Stabbing Enters Arraignment and Pleads Not Guilty

EUREKA (KIEM) – the man involved in stabbing 30-year-old Dylon Liakos makes his first appearance in court Wednesday afternoon. Brian Leiteritz entered his arraignment pleading not guilty to charges of murder.

On Saturday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office investigated reports of a stabbing that occurred on the 1100 block of Boss Road.

Leiteritz’s attorney Michael Robinson says, this incident is based around a number of previous encounters between the victim, the suspect, and an unnamed woman. 

Robinson says, that the suspect is the ex-boyfriend of that woman and Liakos was believed to be her boyfriend at the time of his death. He also adds that things have been negative between the woman and her ex-boyfriend since they broke up.

The suspect’s attorney says a restraining order was filed against his ex-girlfriend.

Shortly before the incident, Leiteritz called 911 because he was concerned for his safety after liakos and another party showed up to his house.

The suspect’s attorney says someone associated with the victim cut the power off to Leiteritz’s house and claims someone was pounding on his front door.  

Robinson believes his client was acting in defense of himself and where he lives.