Vaping Epidemic Continues to Plague the Country with Now Five Confirmed Deaths Including California and Oregon

HUMBOLDT COUNTY (KIEM) – The vaping epidemic continues to spread across country. Now the CDC is saying, over 450 cases of lung-related illnesses are associated with e-cigarette use.

There have been five confirmed deaths, including in California and in Oregon. The CDC, FDA, and state and local agencies are investigating the cause of the outbreak.

According the California Health Kids Survey, in Humboldt County, 10% of students in ninth grade have used an e-cigarette device containing marijuana more than four time, 82% percent have not.

Another survey showed 7% of ninth graders currently use e-cigarette devices.

The CDC says, they have not identified any specific substance of e-cigarette that is linked to all cases. But many patients did report using e-cigarette products containing THC.