Athlete of the Week: Cass Bell


Cass Bell has done it again. He won his 4th Pro MMA fight on the Bellator stage in San Jose over the weekend. Currently, he is undefeated in his rising Mixed Martial Arts Career.

Cass Bell has gone from an Arcata local to an MMA fighter on the rise. He was expected to be the underdog in his fight on Saturday against Isaiah Rocha in the 135-pound division.

“This Isaiah guy is supposed to come through, beat me up, and win the fight. I didn’t know until I got down there how big the name was. I watched all of his tapes and did all of that stuff. But I didn’t listen to any podcasts or anything like that,” said Cass Bell Athlete of the Week.

But when it came time to get into the ring, the first round lasted only 93 seconds. Bell won by getting Rocha into a choke hold until he passed out.

“I just knew it was already over. As soon as I got him, I’m like oh, this is it. I can’t believe this is already going to be over, but this is it. He kept trying to double leg me. I pushed him up against the cage, and then after that he was out,” said Bell.

Not only Humboldt County locals were excited about Bell’s win. The President of Bellator MMA Scott Coker tweeted that Cass Bell is now 4 – 0. ESPN MMA also tweeted out Bell’s finishing moves saying, “Unconsciousness crept up quickly on this choke by @Cassbellmma.

“Everybody was talking about ESPN. ESPN just shared it too. You’re everywhere now. I’m like oh really? I was like ah whatever, they’re probably just seeing Scott Coker’s thing. Then more people were telling me about it. I was like I have to go check this out. I looked it up, I was like oh, they’re right. This is awesome,” said Bell.

Bell is excited about all of the hype around his 4th pro win. But he wants to keep climbing to the top and open doors for other aspiring Humboldt County fighters.

“Coker was talking to my manager saying that he wants to get me on the main card. He says I’m ready for it. Which is exciting, I’m super stoked. That’s one of the main things we all want to do as a fighter get on the main card,” said Bell.

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