McKinleyville Community Services District looking for General Manager, Orsini to retire July 2020

McKinleyville, Ca., (KIEM) The search for the next general manager of the Mckinleyville Community Services District is underway and Greg Orsini will assist in finding his successor.

At the August board meeting, Orsini announced he will retire in July of 2020.

As part of his succession plan, Orsini agreed to help the board in finding his replacement.

The general manager shared that the role of his position is fairly defined and that McKinleyville is looking for someone who is familiar with a special district but also someone who can handle the job.

“The next general manager will have to wear many hats,” said Orsini. “One of the things is somebody that can fit in the community that would be able to utilize the partnerships that we created so far, and also have a very good understanding of how a special district actually functions.”

At next month’s meeting, the board will present information regarding the position.